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Unlocking Business Value Through Insight To Action

We assess a business and help the leadership of the firm in creating strategy, operational and execution capabilities.

Helping Organizations Reach Their Goals.

Leadership and business governance is in our DNA.

We’re a team of experienced professionals that are driven to bring out the best solutions to our clients who are having problems navigating the tough and complex side of their business. 

Is your business not efficiently running as it could potentially be? 

You may be investing on the wrong approach and just spending tons of money and time on a solution that will only result into frustration. With our collaboration, together we will solve your most challenging obstacles with the brightest solution that will lead to a profitable results.

At (i)Sage, we carve the path for business leaders to digital transformation and discovering hidden opportunities while helping shape the strategies and structure needed to steer companies in reaching their goals.

We're Adding Value & Accelerating Growth

At (i)Sage, we know what it takes to make a business into a profitable and successful organization.  With our experience gaining results in both private and public companies, and in various horizontal and vertical markets, together we can achieve success.


Business Consulting

We're focused on delivering insights that will help businesses reach their goals.


Risk Management

Developing and executing strategies that leads to opportunities & success.


Market Research

We are keen on sustaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Digital Transformation

Transforming businesses with our experience on many different technology segments.

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Our Advisors

At (i)Sage, we believe that the crowd is smarter than one person and that aggregating information makes three strands much stronger than one. 

Edwin Miller

Managing Director

Sean Manion

Digital Marketing Advisor

Bright Solutions. Profitable Results.

Tactfully leading and transforming businesses into profitable organizations.

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